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Teeth Whitener Basics

What is the Best Way to Whiten Teeth?

by admin on September 1, 2015

There are all kinds of products on the market promising to be the best way to whiten teeth. How do you know which ones to believe and which ones are just blowing smoke? The real answer is that most, if not all of them work to some degree. The real question is whether or not the price is right for the speed and notability of the results. While they may all work to some degree, they are definitely not all created equally. Your mission is to find the one product that works for your mouth, your budget, and the lifestyle you want to lead.

In the past, it was safe to assume that the price was a direct correlation to the value of the product. Even that can’t be used as a litmus test anymore. So how do you know you’re really getting the best way to whiten teeth when you buy into a product or a system? You can’t possibly know that. What you need to focus on is finding a system that gives you results you like when you look in the mirror. That’s the best anyone in this situation can do.

Are tooth whitening trays the best way to whiten teeth? There are many who swear by these systems as the best way by far to get that whiter brighter smile but they don’t work for everyone. If you can’t stand the taste of it, how likely is it to whiten your teeth? Hint: it’s almost impossible if you can’t keep it in your mouth. Other people complain that it makes a mess everywhere. If it’s too complicated to clean up the mess then no one really wants to use. However, if you’re one who believes in the product and gets results every time then it is the best as far as you’re concerned. See the difference?

Why isn’t the dentist applied product the best way to whiten teeth? There are some who will argue that it is. For most people, the price and inconvenience of this particular product are deterrent enough. In order to be the best, it needs to be something you can afford and something you have time to make use of. If you have the kind of money and time it takes for regular dentist visits, it doesn’t get any better. For the rest of the world other options will prove to be the best choice.

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Teeth Whitening 101

by admin on August 24, 2015

Did you know that Teeth Whitening has been practiced for a good 4000 years?
It’s true! The Ancient Egyptians practiced teeth whitening by mixing ground pumice and white wine vinegar for a nasty tasting teeth whitener. The user would apply the mixture by chewing on a stick dipped into this mixture. Pumice, which is still used today as an abrasive substance, is a white igneous rock, meaning that it was formed by volcanic means.

The ancient Romans practiced a particularly disgusting teeth whitening procedure, in which human urine was used to whiten teeth. Incidentally, ammonia, which is found in urine from many species, is a chemical known to clean tooth enamel.

In the 1800s, barbers were the ones who whitened your teeth for you
Is there anything these guys can’t do? Originally, the white and red poles in front of barber shops meant that they would also whiten your teeth for you. In a particularly terrifying procedure, the barber would put a metal apparatus in your mouth and would wash out your mouth with an incredibly strong acid. Nitric acid, which is used in explosives, fertilizers, and dissolving certain metals, was used in this procedure, which is today a relatively benign and harmless procedure. Yes, the nitric acid would give your teeth a white gleam, over time, this practice would rot your teeth away.

In this century, we’ve come up with some very effective, yet still less disgusting or terrifying than the previous teeth whitening treatments
At first, you really could only go to the dentist for a thorough cleaning, and perhaps even get a whitening treatment which would last a good hour. However, at-home and on-the-go whitening treatments have become a popular solution when convenience and cost effectiveness come into consideration.

For example, if you need the convenience of an on-the-go whitener, check out some teeth whitening pens, such as the Extreme Whitener. If you need a drastic change in your smile, try out a teeth whitening gel. There are a host of different teeth whiteners out there, that don’t involve deadly acids or human urine! If you have any questions about the safety of a teeth whitener, or any in-depth questions about which is the best for you, then ask your dentist or healthcare provider.

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Teeth Whitening Basics

by admin on August 7, 2015

There are literally hundreds of “teeth whiteners” on the market today. You don’t see many ads on TV for them because most of them are scams, and their companies don’t make enough to sponsor an actual television ad. But they’re all over the internet. If you’ve landed here, consider yourself fortunate. Very fortunate.

Teeth Whitening Reviews That You Can Trust

You have arrived at one of the few pages on the internet that provides an unbiased review of teeth whitening products. does not lead you to fake reviews, deceptive advertorials, or fake reviews from customers. All articles on this blog are derived from independant reviews from across the web.

First and foremost – we don’t manufacture any teeth whitening products here at We simply do reviews on products that work and expose products that don’t. Any links that we post to products are for products that we trust.

About Our Teeth Whitener Reviews

The compilation of teeth whitening reviews that you are about to read contain as much data, science and information that we could compile on this concentrated group of products. We sincerely encourage you to take the time to understand each product, set your expectations in reality, and decide for yourself which treatment will work best for you.

There are several off brand teeth whiteners that are much less expensive and give comprable results to name brand whiteners. Here’s a look at 3 whiteners that give you a lot of bang for your buck.


Teeth Whitener Basics

by admin on August 3, 2015

The parts of the teeth that are involved in teeth whitening are the enamel and the dentin, which lies underneath the enamel. Enamel, the hardest substance in the body, is actually a nearly-transparent substance. Underneath that is dentin, which is off color. To whiten the teeth, you need to apply a peroxide product to whiten the dentin.

Tooth Diagram

It is important that prevention is better than cure. Brushing and flossing daily, as well as a yearly or semi yearly trip to the dentist, are the best way to keep your teeth white.

There are two different ways to whiten your teeth. You can go to the dentist’s office and have him/her perform a laser procedure or a bleaching procedure on your teeth. A dental appointment is effective, but it is costly. Alternatively, you can check out some of the great at-home ways to whiten your teeth, which is what is all about!

To summarize the at home treatment options that are available to you, we review the best teeth whiteners out there. Check out pens, such as>Extreme Whitener, or others. These are great for on-the-go people that need to “brush up” their smile before important meetings or social occasions. Of if you are looking for a drastic improvement in how your teeth look, try out some of the gel/tray kits. If you would like to have a good improvement on your teeth, check out teeth whitening strips like Crest’s 3D White!

We have a list here of the Best Teeth Whitening Products on the Market, which is, quite simply, the greatest teeth whitening products that we have found to work wonders on our teeth and on our friends’ teeth.

As with all teeth whitening products, there are some insubstantial risks involved, which can be avoided by practicing common sense and by asking your physician or dentist before you begin treatment with a teeth whitening product.

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